My testing of Gnome3 on Sony Laptop

Bernard Mentink bmentink at
Wed Jul 6 23:31:59 PDT 2016

Hi All,

I would just like to report my results of trying out DFly on a 2009 Sony
Vaio VGN-FW laptop, especially as I had good results running Gnome3 on a
Desktop PC.

After much testing this is what I found as issues:

1. I could not launch gnome with GDM or even Slim, instead I had to launch
with .xinitrc containing: "exec ck-launch-session dbus-launch
--exit-with-session /usr/local/bin/gnome-session"
Even, then it would crash on launch (startx) sometimes, but trying again
was usually sucessful.
The errors I got were multiple "malloc" errors ..

2. The usual Sound issues with pulseaudio which I had to disable. This
means that gnome-sound-setting-daemon doesn't work and the normal gnome
volume controls do not work. A workaround is to install gtmixer ...
however, audio from the web browser is fine, as is most sound & video apps.

3. No gui for wifi, so had to setup in the shell with wpa-supplicant.

4. No battery reporting, so removing power resulted in a critically low
battery warning. Also, running the power settings daemon, causes a crash.

5. Slight video tearing on my screen, but it does run accelerated

6. No support for laptop specific functions like track pad scrolling, media
keys, brightness control.

7. Some setting like Date/Time and Printer, are ghosted out, so had to set
these things up on the command line. There is nothing in the install to set
up locale, so that was not right.

8. Suspend does not work with acpiconf (this used to work when I had PCbsd
on this box)

Apart from all these issues, the Laptop is snappy and very useable.
If anyone has some hints on resolving some/all of these issues, I would be
most grateful.


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