Question on getfsstat()

Tim Darby t+dfbsd at
Mon Jul 4 11:07:07 PDT 2016

Something about my system is causing the following getfsstat returns:

getfsstat(NULL, 0, MNT_NOWAIT) returns 27

getfsstat(mntbuf, (long)mntbufsize, MNT_NOWAIT) returns 25

The mount command shows that there are actually 25 mounted filesystems, so
why would that first call to getfsstat return 27? Could it be because I'm
using initrd to switch to an encrypted root on boot? This is on a 4.5
machine. If I install a fresh copy of the latest 4.5 and take all the
installer defaults, the two getfsstat returns above match, so its obviously
something I'm doing.
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