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On 1 January 2016 at 17:55, jungle Boogie <jungleboogie0 at> wrote:
>> An alternate method: I had a machine with no decent USB ports and an
>> unrecognizable CDROM (an old Sony laptop) that would not install.  I
>> booted a DragonFly CD on a separate machine (no install, just booted
>> the CD) and ran the network boot service, and then set the laptop to
>> boot from the network, and wired both machines together.  That worked
>> surprisingly well.  The only catch is if your Asus laptop supports
>> pxebooting, and that you have a spare machine to run a liveCD.
> Hmmm, pxe booting may be worth trying. Do you have a link I can read
> on how DragonFly will boot over pxe? I did this with openBSD and tftpd
> before.

Okay, so I took the same usb stick that I'm trying to use on the asus
and plugged it into my intel nuc and then booted it up. Turns out
setting up the network boot is pretty easy; however, I get this root
mount failed message on the asus:

I don't quite understand why it says "PXE: no interface"

Should I wipe clean the HDD on the asus prior to trying the pxe boot?

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