tips for writing img to usb thumb drive

Justin Sherrill justin at
Fri Jan 1 10:35:23 PST 2016

How did you get the OpenBSD snapshot installed - was it also from a USB stick?

This may already have been solved, but I remember people reporting
trouble on one set of USB ports and finding using different ports on
the machine worked better.  It might be because of they run to
separate chipsets, or one group is USB3 and one is not, I don't know -
but it's an easy potential fix to try.

An alternate method: I had a machine with no decent USB ports and an
unrecognizable CDROM (an old Sony laptop) that would not install.  I
booted a DragonFly CD on a separate machine (no install, just booted
the CD) and ran the network boot service, and then set the laptop to
boot from the network, and wired both machines together.  That worked
surprisingly well.  The only catch is if your Asus laptop supports
pxebooting, and that you have a spare machine to run a liveCD.

On Fri, Jan 1, 2016 at 11:34 AM, jungle Boogie <jungleboogie0 at> wrote:
> Hello All,
> Happy new year!
> (I hope this is not a dup post but I didn't see my original at
> I'm trying to be a brand new user to DragonFly as your graphics
> support is better than FreeBSD.
> I'm trying to install DragonFly on my Asus X555LA[1] with either the
> dfly release or a snapshot but the bios won't recognize the img or iso
> with two different USB thumb drives. By recognize there's no option
> for the attached USB thumb drive in the BIOS.
> From FreeBSD, I've tried this:
> dd if=dfly-x86_64-4.4.1_REL.img of=/dev/da bs=1m
> dd if=dfly-x86_64-4.4.1_REL.img of=/dev/da0 bs=1m conv=noerror,sync
> dd if=DragonFly-x86_64-LATEST-ISO.iso of=/dev/da0 bs=1m conv=noerror,sync
> From ubuntu like OS, I've tried this:
> dd if=DragonFly-x86_64-LATEST-ISO.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=1M
> Right now I have an OpenBSD snapshot installed so I don't think this
> is an issue with the BIOS and some secure boot thing, which is
> disabled. I have this openbsd snapshot installed:
> Does anyone see anything wrong with the dd commands I'm using and/or
> have any guesses as what I can do differently to get the USB drives
> recognized?
> [1]
> Thanks!
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