VirtIO Ethernet driver in DragonFlyBSD under FreeBSD bhyve

Oleg Ginzburg olevole at
Wed Jan 27 14:10:38 PST 2016


I do not know whose it is a problem - DragonFlyBSD vtnet(4) driver or FreeBSD 
bhyve(4), so I decided to send on both maillist.

I've try to boot DragonFlyBSD 4.4 in bhyve. All goes well, however, there is 
no network interface. During boot i see:

virtio_pci0: <VirtIO PCI Entropy adapter> port 0x2000-0x201f mem 
0xc0000000-0xc0001fff irq 5 at device 2.0 on pci0
virtio_pci1: <VirtIO PCI Network adapter> port 0x2020-0x203f mem 
0xc0002000-0xc0003fff irq 6 at device 3.0 on pci0
vtnet0: <VirtIO Networking Adapter> on virtio_pci1
virtio_pci1: host features: 0x11018020 
virtio_pci1: negotiated features: 0x11018020 
virtio_pci1: cannot allocate interrupts
vtnet0: cannot allocate virtqueues
device_probe_and_attach: vtnet0 attach returned 6

pciconf inside DFLY:
virtio_pci1 at pci0:0:3:0: class=0x020000 card=0x00011af4 chip=0x10001af4 
rev=0x00 hdr=0x00
    vendor     = 'Red Hat, Inc'
    device     = 'Virtio network device'
    class      = network
    subclass   = ethernet

Boot processing :

bhyve executed with follow settings:

/usr/sbin/bhyve -c 1 -m 4294967296 -A -H -P -s 0:0,hostbridge -s 2:0,virtio-
rnd -s 3:0,virtio-net,tap0 ...

What can be done to correct this error ? 

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