IPFW3 and IPv6

Matthias Play matthias_play at gmx.net
Sun Jan 3 04:09:55 PST 2016


Happy New Year and all the Best in 2016!

I set up ipfw3 to filter network traffic on a local server and want to 
filter all IPv6 traffic since I do not need it in my local network.

Is ipfw3 also filtering IPv6 traffic or only IPv4?

I am wondering because with the old ipfw implementation handling of both 
IP versions is separated into two different firewall programs, ipfw and 
ip6fw both being configured using distinct rc.conf variables.

If IPv6 filtering is not supported by ipfw3 would it be better to 
configure a custom kernel without the INET6 option instead of using 
ip6fw alongside with ipfw3?

Best Regards

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