what is the best Hammer setup to taclke the bitrot problem + DRP

vincent delft vincent.delft at gmail.com
Mon Dec 26 03:30:12 PST 2016


First of all I'm new to DF.
Thanks for the nice install process. It's a quite easy to have DF running.
But my concerns are more linked to HammerFS.

My context is the following:
- I would like to have a NAS system running on a small machine: 4GB RAM
having a celeron CPU of 1.6GHz.
- This NAS host +- 700GB of data
- I plan to install 1 disk of 1TB in the NAS and keep a second disk of 1TB
outside the NAS for DRP reasons.
- I'm looking for a solution tackling the bit-rot problem.

Concerning HammerFS, I've still read lot of DF manuals, pages, ... :


So basically, I've understood that I must install DF on a small SSD disk
and will dedicated the 1TB disk to HammerFS.

But I have some questions:
- What must be the setup of HammerFS to solve "bit-rot" ? Should it be
Raid1 or Raid5, ... ? Can it be done on 1 physical disk (thus 2
filesystems) ? Should it be 2 PFS in 1 HammerFS located on 1 slice or
should I create 2 slices on the disk?

- For DRP reasons, how can I perform a backup on an external disk ? (the
disk is only connected 1x per month on the NAS). Should I do a "dd" ?
should I use the master-slave concepts ? Should I use cpdup ?

Many thanks for your replies.

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