Graphics-related memory leak fixed in master for post-haswell machines

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sat Dec 17 12:10:35 PST 2016

A memory leak has been fixed in master's drm (gpu) code which affects
post-haswell intel GPUs.  i.e. Broadwell, Skylake, etc.  This leak would
cause a OOM panic typically after a couple of weeks of uptime.  The leak
does not affect older Haswell based intel systems.  A number of other
stability improvements have also gone into the system.

The release branch got some of the stability work but the fix for the
graphics memory leak is a bit too complex to backport in a compatible
manner.  At the current juncture, anyone running a workstation with release
might want to switch to master.  Master will be *much* better on broadwell
or later GPUs.

Also somewhat related, chromium (chrome) has been updated from v52 to v54
on both branches, which fixes some serious GUI issues on high-dpi (aka 4K)
monitors.  Chrome 54 still has some issues with certain sites, but
generally speaking it seems to be pretty stable and I recommend its use.

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