package build process

John Marino dragonflybsd at
Mon Aug 29 12:15:48 PDT 2016

On 8/29/2016 14:07, jungle Boogie wrote:
> Hi All,
> It would look like dragonfly:4.8:x86:64 was updated on the 22nd, just
> a week ago today.
> However, upon closer inspection here:
> You'll notice not all packages were updated between 20-22nd.
> 6,576 packages have a modify timestamp of the 22nd.
> 5,393 packages were updated on the 21st.
> 1,933 packages were updated on the 20th.
> The rest (about 10,420) were updated during the first week of the month.
> Will the 10K+ get rebuild during the first week of September or so?

No.  We don't rebuild *ALL* packages every time, only the ones that 
require it.  It's called incremental building.

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