Installation on EEE 1005px

GDR! gdr at
Thu Aug 11 10:10:40 PDT 2016


I have just downloaded dfly-4.6 and I'm trying to install it from an
USB drive onto an 1005px netbook. This is my first contact with dfly.

The installer fails saying that it could not find any suitable disks.
However, when I have dropped to root shell, it could find my SATA disk
as /dev/da0 and see its partitions. I was also able to perform a few
steps by following /README - but admittedly, I could not make a working
disklabel file. For sure this can be done with reading a few man pages.

My question is: what can be the reason why the automatic installer
fails to find my SATA drive, when the system can clearly see it? Any
logs I can look into?


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