deleting files when no disk space is available

Tomohiro Kusumi kusumi.tomohiro at
Sun Apr 10 17:26:01 PDT 2016

I think so.
By the way, other bugs that I know of are

1. Error flags in hammer show result. This may not be the filesystem
issue, but could be /sbin/hammer issue (similar to the way 8260ce22ad
wasn't the filesystem issue). No idea at this point.

2. Another type of error flags in hammer show result. This is unable
to reproduce in my environment, but some users see B-Tree nodes filled
with 0. Having such nodes is probably a bug, but at the same time,
nodes with all key fields set to 0 probably aren't invalid in terms of
the way hammer handles B-Tree, so this may not have any impact to
users (these 0 filled node just tend to go to left side of the tree).

3. hammer volume-add/del issues. People seem to know this and no one
is really using this, but this is getting better these days, though
using this is still not recommended especially against / filesystem.
This should probably be written to hammer(8) manpage that these are


5. There is a certain way to reproduce below warning in my
environment. I haven't reproduced this recently, so I'm not sure if I
still can.
    HAMMER: WARNING: Missing inode for dirent "xxx"

I don't know what the priority is.

I also have a plan to port HAMMER1 to other BSD (probably FreeBSD).
I've had this plan for a long time about 2 years as I've mentioned
before on irc, but haven't even started.

2016-04-11 6:10 GMT+09:00 Predrag Punosevac <punosevac72 at>:
> Tomohiro Kusumi wrote:
>> As I mentioned already there is a bug on ENOSPC handling.
> Hi Tomohiro,
> This is the second time you mention this bug in this thread alone. Based
> upon git commits I am under impression that you are deeply involved in
> debugging HAMMER-1 these days. Can we expect this and similar bugs to be
> fixed any time soon? As much as I would like to see HAMMER-2 production
> ready I am under no illusion that my family photos and videos will be
> moving from HAMMER-1 to HAMMER-2 in the near future.
> Best,
> Predrag

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