Network time protocol server

Adam W. Dace colonelforbin74 at
Wed Sep 9 12:21:48 PDT 2015

I'm no expert...but I installed this before I figured out DragonFly's NTP

<adace at rift:~> pkg search ntp
<adace at rift:~> which ntpd

Isn't this what you want?  I've no advice for configuring it, though,
except to check your local Linux distro for a simple config...and search
the Internet for more complex ones.

Hope this helps.



On Tue, Sep 8, 2015 at 4:24 PM <nans_nans1 at> wrote:

> Is there a network time protocol server (ntp) for Dfly?
> If yes, how can i activate/configure the ntpd?
> Regards
> Alex
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