Network time protocol server

John Marino dragonflybsd at
Wed Sep 9 07:42:28 PDT 2015

On 9/9/2015 4:19 PM, nans_nans1 at wrote:
> @Légrádi Gábor: 
> ntpdate_enable="YES" didn't work. So the informations on your link "" are outdated.
> @Zachary Crownover @John Marino:
> dntpd is a Network time protocol CLIENT. Please read "man dntpd".
> I search a ntpd-server for my local network!
> @Thomas Nikolajsen
> I already search in dports. But i found no ntp-server. The most popular BSD-ntp-server "Openntpd" is not in dports!
> I tried to compile Openntpd manually. But it fails with the error message: sensors.c:24:25: fatal error: sys/hotplug.h: No such file or directory

openntpd continued to evolve until it no longer builds on DragonFly,
even with patches.  Somebody that cares can figure out the best way to
support it and send me patches (or better yet, send OpenBSD patches).  I
removed the dport after not being able to build the latest version.

> So can you recommend me another ntp-server which is in dports?
> Can it be true that there isn't a ntpd server for Dfly? .

Sure it can be true.  Obviously it's not in base, so dports is the best
hope.  If there are no ports available then it's true. Ports can be
fixed (even if it means adding functionality to DragonFly).


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