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Pierre Abbat phma at
Fri May 29 10:47:29 PDT 2015

On Friday, May 29, 2015 19:20:16 Christoph Harder wrote:
> Hello,
> I've got another newbie question.
> In the setup one may provide a hostname and domain for the computer.
> How and where is this information exactly used?

The periodic scripts send email; the hostname is put in the subject line so 
that you know which computer they run on.

> Hostname is pretty self-explaining, though I'm not sure, can it be used to
> access it like in a local windows network e.g. \\mycomputer\shareddisk\
> e.g. after setting up an NFS share?
> And domain, is a real domain name required/recommend? One that is resolvable
> through DNS? And what happens if there are multiple domains hosted on a
> single server'? Or is this more like a Windows Workgroup?

My box is accessible from the outside only on IPv6, and you have to be one of 
my computers to know the address, since it changes every few days. Its 
hostname is "zyxomma.ixazon.lan". (Zyxomma is the last word in dragonflies.) 
This is, of course, not resolvable through DNS. I hacked something up so that 
all my computers have the IP address in /etc/hosts .

loi mintu se ckaji danlu cu jmaji

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