Auto crypting of swap now possible w/ fstab option in master

Alex Hornung alex at
Sun May 17 05:27:27 PDT 2015

On 16/05/2015 22:04, Matthew Dillon wrote:
> A more sophisticated encrypted swap using LUKS was already available and
> could be set up via the installer, capable of encrypting swap and dumps.
> Manual configuration through luks is a bit messy though.
> This feature provides a simpler way to just encrypt swap with a random key
> via /etc/fstab, perhaps as a preface to potentially implementing more
> sophisticated crypto features in /etc/fstab in the future that use dm-crypt
> directly and bypass LUKS.
That should have already been possible via crypttab(5) and using
/dev/random as the keyfile, without having a LUKS header on the swap


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