Recent kernel changes crashing with X (Radeon HD 6310)

kyuupichan kyuupichan at
Tue May 19 21:35:08 PDT 2015

Very recent work has caused X to no longer load for me.  Perhaps Francois' work - I think my
hardware uses the driver(s) he's been working on.

A kernel built from April 24 morning GMT sources works fine for me.
A kernel built from May 19 morning GMT sources seems to crash the kernel during X startup, as
the screen is blanked and nothing appears, and a remote SSH session freezes.  I have retried about
4 times but cannot get an uncorrupted Xorg.log written to disk with the May 19 kernel.

The old kernel seems to be fine with the latest "world".

I've attached the good log from the April 24 kernel.  Any ideas?


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