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Sun Mar 29 04:52:26 PDT 2015

Better late than never. Here is what i did to "russify" my terminal:

1)  # cat /etc/rc.conf
    font8x8="*cp866*-8x8"         # fonts in cp866
    keymap="ru.*koi8-r*.win"     # keymap in koi8-r
    scrnmap="*koi8-r*2*cp866*"   # convert keymap --> fonts
2) # grep ttyv /etc/ttys
    ttyv0   "/usr/libexec/getty Pc"         *cons25r *on  secure
    ttyv1   "/usr/libexec/getty Pc"         *cons25r *on  secure
    ttyv2   "/usr/libexec/getty Pc"         *cons25r *on  secure
3) # pw usermod -n *user *-L *russian*
    (because in /etc/login.conf already have 'russian|Russian Users
Accounts [...]')

Hope this helps.

2015-03-24 1:20 GMT+04:00 Jasse Jansson <jasse at>:

> Hi.
> I’m trying to setup fly as a small home server, but it’s maybe 5 years
> since I used a unix style opsys.
> Install rolled along just fine, but I can’t get the right keymap.
> åäöÅÄÖ and a few other things on the keyboard just shows up as /226 or
> something similar.
> Yepp, I’m trying to get the Swedish keycap working.
> If I boot from the install CD I can make keymap choices at 2 different
> locations, but I can’t cet it right.
> Hints ???
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