Dragonfly/Hammer in production

Predrag Punosevac punosevac72 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 20:18:42 PDT 2015

Jeremiah Ford wrote:
> Good day all,
> Are there any companies offering hosted storage using Hammer/Hammer2 as 
> a file system?

Hammer2 is working progress. We are still waiting on Matt to do some
write up on the current state of Hammer2 and post it to the list but 
you get the idea from his answer


If you check out git commits you will see that HAMMER1 is actively
being fixed by at least one other developer than Matt.

> I have a small IT business which I am considering converting into a
> startup.  My ideas so far are to offer hosted services running strictly
> *bsd hosts; web hosting/cloud storage(maybe owncloud as well)/VMs/etc.

That already exists. Some examples involving actual BSD developers.
Henning Brauer current maintainer and developer of PF and OpenBSD has
several OpenBSD based companies. For example


Dr. Colin Percival mathematician (number theory) and man whose
mathematical discoveries are behind scrypt crypto function makes living
of Tarsnap.


If I understand correctly actual encrypted data is stored on Amazon AWS
instances running FreeBSD (not accidently Colin is maintainer of Xen
patches and builds DomN image of FreeBSD for AWS installation).

> ... However I am now considering focusing on just one area due to a
> variety of reasons, but mostly due to Visualization on BSD being
> somewhat limited.

I personally would really like to see DragonFly NAS based appliance. I
would really be curios what is the bottom line of iXSystems and what is
their profit margin with TrueNAS. 

> If there are any companies running any form of cloud storage using
> Hammer, I would very much like to speak with them before moving forward.

I don't know of any. If you are in Pittsburgh area and you want to talk
about DF over cup of coffee send me a private e-mail. In spite of few
proprietary distributed network file systems I would like to see
something more robust and it seems that HAMMER2 will be a good base.


> Thank you.
> -JF

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