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Thu Mar 19 22:25:04 PDT 2015

On 03/18/15 11:55, nans_nans1 at wrote:
> Is it possible to stop a mirror-stream started with "hammer mirror-stream ..." ?

    Following snip from 'hammer' manpage under 'mirror-stream'  may help:


              This command also detects the initial-mirroring case and spends
	     some time scanning the B-Tree to find good break points, allowing
	     the initial bulk mirroring operation to be broken down into 4GB
	     pieces.  This means that the user can kill and restart the opera-
	     tion and it will not have to start from scratch once it has got-
	     ten past the first chunk.	The*-S*  option may be used to change
	     the size of pieces and the*-B*  option may be used to disable this
	     feature and perform an initial bulk transfer instead.

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