The DragonFly Mail Agent is now the default MTA

Lanir lanir at
Sun Mar 8 20:04:01 PDT 2015

The handbook page linked looks like it needs these two locations
corrected throughout but I primarily looked at the dma section.

1. /etc/mailer.conf changed to /etc/mail/mailer.conf

2. /etc/periodic.conf changed to /etc/defaults/periodic.conf

I didn't check all the locations in the other sections of the page as I
don't have the software installed.

On 03/08/2015 01:14 AM, John Marino wrote:
> On 3/8/2015 06:42, Pierre Abbat wrote:
>> On Saturday, March 07, 2015 22:10:18 John Marino wrote:
>>> New installations of DragonFly will have the DragonFly Mail Agent (dma)
>>> configured by default.  This is the first step to removing Sendmail from
>>> base.
>>> This particular change will only have a small impact on existing
>>> installations.  The switch is controlled by /etc/mailer.conf, and this
>>> file is never overwritten.  However, there was a small change in the
>>> default configuration of periodic.conf:
>> I just checked where this file is; on my system it's /etc/mail/mailer.conf , 
>> not /etc/mailer.conf .
> Yes, that was a typo.  I meant /etc/mail/mailer.conf
> Hopefully the handbook has that correct.
> John

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