The DragonFly Mail Agent is now the default MTA

John Marino dragonflybsd at
Sat Mar 7 18:02:58 PST 2015

On 3/7/2015 22:10, John Marino wrote:
> New installations of DragonFly will have the DragonFly Mail Agent (dma)
> configured by default.  This is the first step to removing Sendmail from
> base.
> This particular change will only have a small impact on existing
> installations.  The switch is controlled by /etc/mailer.conf, and this
> file is never overwritten.  However, there was a small change in the
> default configuration of periodic.conf:
> daily_clean_hoststat_enable changed from "YES" to "NO"
> daily_submit_queuerun changed from "YES" to "NO"
> For sendmail users to remove the impact, they just need to add the
> following lines to /etc/periodic.conf:
> daily_clean_hoststat_enable=”YES”
> daily_submit_queuerun="YES"
> For new installations that want a full-featured MTA from DPorts, please
> refer to a new entry in the DragonFly Handbook, "Switching Mail Transfer
> Agents":
> Before we can remove sendmail from base, the installworld script has be
> upgraded to detect when the ${DESTDIR}/etc/mailer.conf file is still
> configured to the base sendmail.  If it does detect that case, the
> installation will not commence.  This is to break a routine master
> branch upgrade from inadvertently breaking mail services.  The
> administrator will have to configure another MTA to complete the
> installation.

Now, with commit 7d7c9684c83f02126cd4e001085b8417dceca797, sendmail has
been effectively removed from base.

A check has been added to "make upgrade" to see if the server getting
upgraded is still configured to use the base sendmail.  If it is, the
make upgrade command will fail with a message basically stating to
update /etc/mail/mailer.conf, but this implies fully configuring
whatever MTA replaces sendmail first.

For those actually using sendmail, the quickest fix is to switch to the
version of Sendmail from dports.

I'll try to remember to add an entry into UPDATING tomorrow for those
upgrading from Release 4.0.x to 4.2.x.


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