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Tue Mar 3 11:10:11 PST 2015

now i tried it and yes, the mpt driver supports that controller, but the writes are very slow: 16 MB/sec.
i think that is due to outdated driver or the write cache is missing. 
how can i enable the write cache in dfly?

Ed Martinez <edwardmx9 at> schrieb am Di, 3.3.2015:

 Betreff: Re: RAID Controller
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 Datum: Dienstag, 3. März, 2015 17:26 Uhr
 On Sat, 28 Feb 2015
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 nans_nans1 at
 > Would a LSI
 Logic SAS1064e RAID Controller (IBM Server X3200) be usable
 with DragonFly?
 Kind regards
 I think the mpt driver supports that controller
 suggest to read  mpt's manpage.
 Ed Martinez <edwardmx9 at>

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