nans_nans1 at nans_nans1 at
Sat Mar 21 15:56:40 PDT 2015

The Vserver of my IP crashed and DF don't start any more. I get no login.
In the boot process there are many error messages:

CRC data failed 
vnode_pager_getpage i/o read error
varsym: input/output error
vtnet0 error setting host mac ...

After booting in single user mode i can do "cd /pfs/var/hammer/usr" and see many snapshots.

But my important data are in "cd /pfs/usr/local/www". But there i get the error:
CRC DATA @ 90000002c26x2080/128 FAILED.

After booting a "live cd" i can do "mount_hammer /dev/vbd0s1d /mnt" but then i have no access to my /usr or /var - directories.

What can i do? Please help!


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