Issues with node.js

Marco Righele marco at
Thu Jul 30 16:19:55 PDT 2015

Il  Michael Neumann ha scritto:
> I've pushed some fixes upstream for libuv.
> Except the last, they are already in libuv/libuv branch v1.x. But
> still, there are many tests that fail.

Checking the failing tests may be indeed be a good start. I will try to 
see what I
can do about those, hopefully a few of them may not be too hard to 

> Npm works on my machine, but I would not use node.js in production :).
> I am only using some Javscript tool chain (postcss, babel etc.), which
> works very well, but
> as soon as you try to fork some processes, node.js fails.

That was exactly my experience.


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