How to install GUI

Gautam Goel gautamcgoel at
Wed Jul 29 01:31:45 PDT 2015

Robin Hahling <robin.hahling <at>> writes:

> On 29-07-2015 05:29, Gautam Goel wrote:
> > Update: I fixed some of those problems, but am still confused about two
> > things: why does the screen turn black when I log out, and how do I 
> > configure
> > the system to use MATE automatically? Thanks.
> About the black screen, I suggest you enable 'kern.kms_console' (see 
> SYSCONS(4)).
> KMS console was still considered "experimental" in the 4.2 release but 
> has
> recently been switch on in "master".
> About automatically running MATE upon typing "startx", simply add
> 'exec mate-session' in your '~/.xinitrc' file.

Thanks for your reply. I enabled kern.kms_console by adding 'set 
kern.kms_console = 1' in loader.conf, and after I click log out, I do indeed 
reeturn to the command prompt instead of an empty black screen. Thanks for 
that. I see a bunch of errors:

.error : [drm:pid-1:hsw-unclaimed-reg-clear] *ERROR* unkown unclaimed
register before writing to 45404

or something like that. Also a bunch of stuff about my dbus, and my xauth.

As for running MATE automatically, I think you misunderstood me. I have 
mate-session is my .xinitrc already. The point is that I don't want to have 
to type 'startx' at boot to see MATE; I want to boot directly into MATE, 
just like in Debain I boot directly into GNOME. Do you know how I can set 
that up?

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