nans_nans1 at nans_nans1 at
Mon Jul 27 10:28:55 PDT 2015

hmm, a git branch shows:

# git branch
* master


Matthew Dillon <dillon at> schrieb am Mo, 27.7.2015:

 Betreff: Re: Versioning
 An: nans_nans1 at
 Datum: Montag, 27. Juli, 2015 18:56 Uhr
 cd /usr/src
 git branch
 that will tell you which branch you are
 on.  It looks like you are on the release branch or perhaps
 you did an incremental kernel build instead of a full world
 and full kernel build when you tried to move to master.
 On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at
 8:06 AM,  <nans_nans1 at>
 i run DF 4.2.3 und make a master-upgrade (checkout master).
 A "uname -a" gave me:
 4.3-DEVELOPMENT DragonFly v4.2.2.124.gfff011-DEVELOPMENT #0:
 Sun Jul 26 21:07:36 CEST 2015
 Now i'm not sure: Am i in 4.3 development tree
 (4.3-DEVELOPMENT) or in 4.2 stable (DragonFly v4.2.2.124)

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