DragonflyBSD, FAT32 and the interoperability

Thomas Nikolajsen thomas.nikolajsen at mail.dk
Wed Jul 8 03:16:06 PDT 2015

M M <micman857 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>I consider to change my ext2 partition in a fat32 partition 
>reformatting it, and after I'll copy all my data in this place from the 
>data storage that I use for backup, an external hard disk. But//in order 
>to avoid surprises, I would be sur that the fat32 file system is totally 
>accessible (read-write) under DFBSD.

FAT32 (msdos) file system on DragonFly works nice here for R/W.

If very long file names or funny chars in them or owner / permission are a problem, a tar(1) file is usually a nice transport,
apart from FAT32 file size limitation (but this is a FAT32 limitation, not related to DragonFly).


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