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> Hello.


> At the web page at
> http://www.dragonflybsd.org/download/
> is stated that the iso for dragonflybsd is a LiveCD, and the image is at
> http://mirror-master.dragonflybsd.org/iso-images/dfly-x86_64-4.2.1_REL.iso.bz2
> which is a bz2 file of about 200MB, which I have downloaded.
> I did not see any instructions for dealing with this file, so, is it a
> self-extracting iso file, such that the bz2 file is to be written to a
> disc, and then the disc with the bz2 file, used for booting, or, is
> the file required to be extracted to a directory which is then to be
> written to the disc for booting?
You need to extract it first and then burn the .iso image to a CD and boot
with that CD.

> Also, with the previous references to the mate GUI, does the iso image
> come with mate incorporated into it, so that a user can boot the
> LiveCD and thence examine the mate GUI?

No, there is no GUI in that image. In previous releases there was a GUI DVD
image, but 4.2 does not have one.

> Thank you in anticipation.
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