Storing hundreds of millions of files in HAMMER (1 or 2)

Michael Neumann mneumann at
Wed Jul 15 08:58:14 PDT 2015


Lets say I want to store 100 million small files (each one about 1k in 
size) in a HAMMER file system.
Files are only written once, then kept unmodified and accessed randomly 
(older files will be access less often).
It is basically a simple file based key/value store, but accessible by 
multiple processes.

a) What is the overhead in size for HAMMER1? For HAMMER2 I expect each 
file to take exactly 1k when the file
is below 512 bytes.

b) Can I store all files in one huge directory? Or is it better to fan 
out the files into several sub-directories?

c) What other issues I should expect to run into? For sure I should 
enable swapcache :)

I probably should use a "real" database like LMDB, but I like the 
versatility of files.



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