Small ticket item for DragonFly BSD

Gennady Proskurin gprspb at
Thu Jul 9 06:44:47 PDT 2015

I also had this issue with IPv6, but it had been fixed a time ago.
After this commit, I have working IPv6 in vultr.

commit 79ac2c7248e6e19f0829b42e5e5b31d9cf61d53b
Author: Nuno Antunes <nuno.antunes at>
Date:   Sun Apr 12 09:47:56 2015 +0100

    virtio: Bring in SVN r251769 from FreeBSD.

    * Fixes the following occasional log message when booting:
    "vtnet0: error setting host MAC filter table"

    * Original FreeBSD commit message below.

    QEMU 1.4 made the descriptor requirement stricter - the size of buffer
    descriptor must exactly match the number of MAC addresses provided.

    Reported-by: nans_nans1 at
    Fix-pointed-out-by: Brian Venteicher <bryanv at>

On Tue, Jun 30, 2015 at 12:28:30PM +0000, Adam W. Dace wrote:
> I'm not much in the way of an OS-based C coder,
> but it sure would be nice if eventually DragonFly gets the latest VirtIO
> drivers from FreeBSD.
> I'm happily running a couple of instances of DragonFly with a cloud-based
> provider known as Vultr.  One thing I can't easily do is run IPv6.  From
> what I can tell it's because the VirtIO driver won't accept router
> advertisements.  FreeBSD 10, however, will.
> Anyways, if someone takes this on and wants a place to test their code, let
> me know.  Virtual servers are really cheap these days.  :)
> Regards,
> Adam

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