How does one activate IPv6?

Adam W. Dace colonelforbin74 at
Sat Jan 31 07:28:52 PST 2015

Thank you!

That definitely gets me about halfway to getting my VPS to speak IPv6.

Any idea how to "use router discovery" to automatically set the IPv6
default router?

I'll try your example, and also just enabling rtsold and see if that does
the trick.

On Sat Jan 31 2015 at 8:50:49 AM Edward Berger <edwberger at> wrote:

> Here's an example of what I have in /etc/rc.conf on one of my machines.
> Your interfaces and addresses should be different.
> #static network configuration
> ipv6_enable="YES"
> network_interfaces="lo0 igb0"
> ipv6_network_interfaces="lo0 igb0"
> #
> ifconfig_igb0="inet netmask 0xffffff00"
> ifconfig_igb0_alias0="inet6 2001:5e8:1:91:225:90ff:fe05:1dc2 prefixlen 64"
> defaultrouter=""
> ipv6_defaultrouter="2001:5e8:1:91::1"
> #
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