fixed: Re: polkit does not start

John Marino dragonflybsd at
Sun Jan 25 00:36:41 PST 2015

On 1/25/2015 06:15, karu.pruun wrote:
> Turns out it was supposed to be a UID. In the end, the error was with
> credentials passing in devel/glib20 that polkitd uses. The attached
> patch fixes it:
> - copy the patch to /usr/dports/devel/glib20/dragonfly/
> - make install
> All the problems listed above go away:
> -upowerd crashes
> -ConsoleKit can't make a session active
> -X login is freezing a minute or two
> -The session menu of xfce is freezing also for some time
> -any logoff from xfve is freezing temporarilly and leaves some
> applications opened.
> I haven't tested xdm etc though.
> I'll try to get it to dports on github.

Nice, can you start at
and see if that's really the same issue?  It's one of our oldest
unresolved issues.


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