A Newbie Booting Question

Adam W. Dace colonelforbin74 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 17:37:33 PST 2015

Hello, all!  I've been avoiding DragonFly BSD for quite some time, hoping
it matures into the amazing BSD it is destined to be.

Thanks to my server host, I've happily uploaded the ISO and installed
DragonFly on a Virtual Private Server.

I had no idea there was an official installer...I would've done this
sooner, just to check it out.

Here's my conundrum:  Due to circumstances beyond my control I have a
virtual DragonFly BSD CD that I can't from what I can tell eject using

So I'm sort of stuck.  I've run through the installer(similar to FreeBSD),
and can't get the virtual machine to boot anything but the installer CD,
which I no longer need.

Any help would be appreciated.


Adam W. Dace
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