master running on gigabyte LGA 1150 boards - with example

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Fri Jan 23 11:50:30 PST 2015

    DragonFly's master branch will now boot on Gigabyte LGA 1150 mobos
    and related Intel cpus.  It required only a few minor adjustments to
    work around bugs in Gigabytes ACPI, adding the gpu chipset id to the
    list, and a new port of the if_alc driver to support the second ethernet

    The only thing which does not work is the mini-pci-e WIFI module that
    comes with the mobo (it's an intel model which neither we nor FreeBSD
    suport yet).  But presumably if one wanted that rather than the ether
    hard port one could get an Atheros or IWN mini-pci-e card to replace it.

    I have put together a newegg parts list of the last test box I purchased
    for reference, in case anyone is interested in a similar barebones build.

    I wanted a quiet but relatively small box with significant mobo resources.
    Since I've moved to 2.5" form factor drives only and hotswap is really
    convenient I threw that in too. I went with a high quality non-modular
    PSU.  The stock cpu cooler works great with the low power haswell cpu.
    Plenty of space inside for a few more drives screwed into the case mounts
    but that wasn't my purpose (this isn't a tower).  I never pay the price
    for bleeding edge so this is mid-range.  I only threw in 8GB of ram (16GB
    is supported), a small SSD, and a 2-core (4-thread) haswell 3.4GHz cpu.
    Which is pretty damn fast.

    Total as listed $525 before taxes.

    The motherboard resources are impressive.  DVI + HDMI x 2 (total of
    2 monitors can be driven).  Two ethernet hard ports.  6 x SATA-3 headers,
    tons of USB ports, nice sound (works on master too).  Intel on-core GPU
    is fully supported by DragonFly.  Mini-pci-e slot on mobo, one PCI-e(16)
    on mobo.  Case has two PCI-e mounts so there's room for a back-mounted
    in-PCI-mount 2.5" hot-swap bay too if one wanted one (or two).

    I don't know re: external graphics card.  Generally speaking our current
    DRM wants to use the mobo GPU if it has one.

    The computer draws only around 20 watts when on and idle.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at>

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