Installation Questions

Predrag Punosevac punosevac72 at
Mon Jan 5 19:53:58 PST 2015

I have a few installation related questions. Please feel free to point
me to a manual pages.

1. I see that it is possible to set up PXE server from the installer. Is
there a way to have fully unattended installation of DF? I am thinking
in my head of a scenario in which one has to install multiple identical
data storage machine which will have just different LAN IPs and

2. I see that during the regular installation I am not allowed to use
special characters for root or for that matter user password. For
example I can't use character @. However once I am done installation I
have no problem changing root or any other password in anything I like.
Is there a logic behind this which I am missing?

3. I played with installer back and fourth and I might be missing this
one. Namely I would like to be able to install DF on UFS RAID 1 or even
better have hammer mirror of the installation disk onto a second disk.
Now in the second scenario one obvious problem is that hammer mirror is
read only. I don't see any options how to do this from installer. Is
this supported at all? Obviously having writable hammer mirror (IIRC
that is one of the thing which will be supported by HAMMER 2) would go
long way to enable me to install DF on pair of HDD (hammer mirror).
If I manually hammer mirror stream all partitions to the second HDD is
there a way to make them writable and boot from them in the case first
HDD fails.


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