Most stable WiFi driver/chipsets?

Matthias Rampke matthias.rampke at
Sun Jan 4 12:52:01 PST 2015


which WLAN driver is currently the most stable with current chipsets? I.e.
which chipsets/vendors should I be looking at buying?

Background: my home router is a APU[0], currently running OpenBSD but I am
looking at converting it to DragonFly. Additionally, I want to get rid of
the external WLAN AP I am using right now and have the box serve this
directly, so I can e.g. have a guest WiFi that is firewalled off from the
internal network.

Any input and experiences appreciated! From what I know so far I think I'd
aim for Atheros since that seems to work pretty much everywhere, but I
don't know what the status of the DragonFly driver is.


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