OT: can someone help me with an open-source CAD program?

Matthias Play matthias_play at gmx.net
Wed Feb 18 07:16:49 PST 2015

Hi Pierre,

for the GUI part I would recommend Ultimate++ (www.ultimatepp.org) that 
is a C++ framework which allows to build GUI apps quite fast. It is also 
a nice library if you intend to use a SQL db. The documentation is not 
that comprehensive, but one gets responses to questions very quickly in 
the forums of the project.


On 16.02.2015 18:53, Pierre Abbat wrote:
> I've been working on a surveying CAD program for several years and it's
> nearing the point where I'd like others to hack on it. I need help with the
> file format, import and export, and GUI. It runs on DragonFly (my build system
> is hosed, but I just ran it on leaf) and Linux. If you can help, or know
> someone who can, let me know.
> Pierre

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