trying to upgrade packages, I get a segfault

Pierre Abbat phma at
Tue Dec 8 12:07:35 PST 2015

On Tuesday, December 08, 2015 00:13:35 Justin Sherrill wrote:
> This is a guess because I don't know the cause, but: save a list of
> the packages you have installed.
> pkg info  > installed_pkgs.txt
> (this is in case any of my other advice screws things up)
> Try pkg upgrade -f, to force it.

That aborted:

# pkg upgrade -f
Updating Avalon repository catalogue...
Avalon repository is up-to-date.
All repositories are up-to-date.
Checking for upgrades (913 candidates):  83%
gcc47 has no direct installation candidates, change it to gcc? [Y/n]: 
Checking for upgrades (913 candidates): 100%
Processing candidates (913 candidates): 100%
pkg: sqlite error while executing UPDATE packages SET name=?1  WHERE name=?2; 
in file pkg_jobs.c:1658: UNIQUE constraint failed:
Checking integrity...Assertion failed: (strcmp(uid, p->uid) != 0), function 
pkg_conflicts_check_local_path, file pkg_jobs_conflicts.c, line 387.
Child process pid=28164 terminated abnormally: Abort trap

> If that doesn't work, try pkg delete -f jpeg-turbo-1.4.2 jpeg-8_6.
> This will warn that you are messing up every package that depends on
> the jpeg lib.  Then try pkg upgrade.  It will hopefully install the
> one that is needed.

jpeg is installed, jpeg-turbo is not.

I did pkg upgrade and it appears to be upgrading things. It installed jpeg-

lo ponse be lo mruli ku po'o cu ga'ezga roda lo ka dinko

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