master boots with crypto filesystems again (initrd load problem)

Tim Darby t+dfbsd at
Sat Aug 1 21:08:56 PDT 2015

Thanks for fixing this! I really could have used it about 5 hours ago
though. :(


On Sat, Aug 1, 2015 at 5:44 PM, Matthew Dillon <dillon at>

>     Master stopped working with crypto filesystems that bootstrap
>     through initrd.img.gz.   This problem was due to two issues.
>     The first related to the loader running out of heap memory due to
>     needing a 32KB temporary buffer to gunzip.
>     The second just now fixed due to mishandling of flags checks in gzipfs,
>     which was triggered by part of the fix to the first issue.
>     initrd image booting should now work again for crypto boots and for
>     'r'escue mode boots.
>                                         -Matt
>                                         Matthew Dillon
>                                         <dillon at>
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