A Ruby lock up

Todd Hoover teachop at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 12 16:36:00 PDT 2015

Any advice on this... Ruby21 hangs "forever" at 97% of one core when I am building mruby (mruby/mruby on github).

This project builds OK on FreeBSD with the same Ruby version.  On Dragonfly (snapshot from yesterday) Ruby locks up on the same line every time, at least a puts before the line prints and one after it does not.  This snip is from tasks/mrbgem_spec.rake, hope email doesn't reformat it:

  def version_ok?(req_versions)
    req_versions.map do |req|
      cmp, ver = req.split
      cmp_result = Version.new(version) <=> Version.new(ver) # <<==This is the line
      case cmp
      when '=' then cmp_result == 0
      when '!=' then cmp_result != 0
      when '>' then cmp_result == 1
      when '<' then cmp_result == -1
      when '>=' then cmp_result >= 0
      when '<=' then cmp_result <= 0
      when '~>'
        fail "Comparison not possible with '#{cmp}'"

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