contributing to dports

Marco Righele marco at
Sat Aug 1 06:09:04 PDT 2015


I have a couple of patches that I would like to contribute to dports.
It seems that the suggested way it so fork DeltaPorts [1] and make a 
pull request.
A couple of things are unclear to me though

* If my patch touches a file already modified by a FreeBSD patch in 
files/, is it ok to use the same
   name ? (I'm thinking in the case the new patch could be used 
* Is there a quick way to apply the modification to a single port from 
DeltaPorts to dports ?
   Following all the steps in scripts/generator/README seems overkill if 
one just need to
   submit a few patches (and I would like to be able to test the result 
before submitting the pull request)



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