HAMMER goes to nirvana

Andrey Oktyabrskiy ano at bestmx.net
Sun Sep 21 05:20:24 PDT 2014

Good day.

My home server cannot mount one of the hammer filesystems. I see 4 
kernel messages and OS does not respond any more:
HAMMER(UNIT) recovery check seqno=06cfb74e
HAMMER(UNIT) recovery range 300000001f0be180-3000000020b179c0
HAMMER(UNIT) recovery nexto 300000001f0c3c60 endseqno=06d0df18
HAMMER(UNIT) recovery undo  300000001f0be180-3000000020b179c0 (27629632 
bytes) (RO)

I can switch console (alt+F2), but can't log in.

How can I repair that FS or at least get my data from it?

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