Question about the insufficient buffers to rebalance the tree messages

Peter Olsson dragonflybsd at
Sat Sep 6 13:38:40 PDT 2014


Just starting with DragonFly, wondering about the
"kernel: hammer: System has insufficient buffers to
rebalance the tree.  nbuf < 3969" message every night.

I found some old posts about this, and realize both
that it is relatively harmless and that it has to do
with too small RAM.

But the small RAM part interests me, since my DragonFly
server has 2 GB RAM.

# uname -a
DragonFly x.x.x 3.8-RELEASE DragonFly v3.8.2-RELEASE #18: Thu Aug 14 19:42:15 PDT 2014     root at  x86_64

real memory  = 2136602624 (2037 MB)
avail memory = 1993883648 (1901 MB)

Filesystem                       Size   Used  Avail Capacity  Mounted on
ROOT                             226G   1.1G   225G     0%    /

Should I use a smaller partition?
If so, what partition size would be appropriate?


Peter Olsson

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