Discussion: Moving WPA_SUPPLICANT out of base and into dports

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Sun Oct 12 08:45:28 PDT 2014

    I think wpa_supplicant really has to stay in base.  Many new laptops,
    particularly chromebooks, do not have hard ethernet ports any more.
    They only have wifi.  So if it isn't in base the person installing
    dragonfly is kinda screwed.

    While we could pre-install it like we do git, the plain fact of the
    matter is that the program is so absolutely essential these days
    to being able to get a network up and running on a new user box that I
    just don't want there to be any possibility that it is not there.

    So our only choice is to either keep it as part of the base build, or
    to build it from dports as part of the buildworld/installworld (and not
    as part of the nrelease build).  And that has its own problems.


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