OpenSSH update from 6.1p1 to 6.7

Robin Hahling robin.hahling at
Mon Oct 13 13:14:07 PDT 2014


OpenSSH 6.7 was released October 6. Base still has version 6.1p1 which was 
released in 2012. I'm now considering updating the vendor branch for an 
inclusion of version 6.7 in base. This will bring new features and bug fixes.

However, 6.7 has some potentially incompatible changes. the main one being the 
removal of support for tcpwrappers/libwrap.

For the complete list of changes since 6.1, see here:
- release 6.2:
- release 6.3:
- release 6.4:
- release 6.5:
- release 6.6:
- release 6.7:

If some features removal is of concern for you, please tell about it now.

Robin Hahling (Rolinh)

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