Lenovo Y510P test on latest Dfly amd64

Francois Tigeot ftigeot at wolfpond.org
Wed May 21 10:33:54 PDT 2014

On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 06:37:26PM +0200, bodie wrote:
> 2) X works in VESA - no Intel/KSM for Intel HD4600?

That's KMS and no, the drm/i915 kernel driver currently only supports
GPUs up to the previous generation (Ivy Bridge).

Our current driver was ported from FreeBSD and had been adapted to work
with special FreeBSD APIS and a frankenstein-like DRM implementation
based on 10-year old code with some upgrades.

I'm trying to get both drm and drm/i915 in shape by replacing the FreeBSD
APIs by Linux ones and reducing the differences with the Linux code base.

The OpenBSD folks have apparently choosen the same path and are now
more-or-less feature complete with Linux so it's not impossible to do.

It will just time a good amount of work and time.

Francois Tigeot

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