new user - quick test of dragonflybsd

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Sat May 3 03:22:55 PDT 2014

>       even compared to FreeBSD with UFS.
> DragonFly works very well under extreme loads; this is a symptom of how it
> has been designed over time.

Congratulations. Given all these articles about how bad DragonFly is in 
performance i see a completely different picture. I did few my own tests 
about non-I/O performance and it seems to be at least not worse than 

Anyway - if the same webpages are telling constantly how great for example 
ZFS is (which actually should not ever get out of SUN labs) - then it's a 
clear sign that the only thing you may believe is your own tests.

>       3) can i set PFS up so all history points would be visible under
>       some subdirectory?
>       I would use it for samba-exported PFS so user would be able to
>       browse it, and eg. recover older versions of files without
>       asking me for help.
> This historical project, while possibly not finished enough for what you
> want, may interest you.

thank you. Anyway just adding second samba share pointing to 
/var/hammer/<pfs> as instructed from previous answer seems to be a good 

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