new user - quick test of dragonflybsd

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Sat May 3 03:18:26 PDT 2014

>> advised to check simply don't sum up.
> 120MB is really low. Wired memory is unpagable memory. I might be wrong
quarter of total memory isn't really low. It's not low at all.

> but afaik vmstat -m shows memory statistic for paged allocated by
> kmalloc. It does not account for, for instance, page tables, which is
> one of the main large source of wired memory.
do you mean that for really few small processes kernel needs megabytes of 
pagetables? Sure not or something is REALLY broken.

>> 2) I can mount whole hammer filesystem with "nohistory" option. Just as
>> well as noatime that i do on all systems no matter what filesystem i use.
>> But how can i have nohistory mode on selected PFS?
> I don't know how to do that. You can use chflags nohistory and
> noshistory to control that at a per file basis. You can also set up the

thank you. i must have missed it in manual.

> pfs (with hammer viconfig) with a short snaphsot period and a short
> shapshot retention time, and set up a short prune period. It won't be
> the same as nohistory, but it will delete the history early. But you
> won't reclaim space before actually running reblock.

> My guess is that hammer is not designed to run like that.

What do you mean "guess"? History is useful, but definitely not for 
temporary files or eg. mail queue.

>> 3) can i set PFS up so all history points would be visible under some
>> subdirectory?
>> I would use it for samba-exported PFS so user would be able to browse
>> it, and eg. recover older versions of files without asking me for help.
> I don't think so, but that's what snaphsots are for. You can set up a
> pfs to take a snaphot every ten seconds for instance, and all of the
> snaphots will be visible under the snaphot directory (which is
> /var/hammer/<pfs-name> by default, but you can change this setting per pfs)

yes but that's a problem unless i would do extra samba share like 
"john-history" for john pointing to /var/hammer/john

may be a solution.

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