John Marino dragonflybsd at
Sat Mar 29 11:31:03 PDT 2014

On 3/29/2014 19:12, Ludo Beckers wrote:
> One last observation - when DFly started up it said:
> <To start the installer, login as 'installer'. To just get a shell
> prompt login as ´root'.>
> I assumed 'root' to be chosen as correct; was it supposed to be 'installer'?
> Some of you may be rolling on the floor by now, laughing at my ignorance
> on the subject.
> I interpreted that installer would not be for VM but only meant for
> actual install on hard drive.
> I hope you don't get a fit laughing your head off now :-)

These are the normal steps:
1) create a VM with a blank virtual hard disk
2) virtually insert the DF image disk
3) At that prompt, you type "installer"
4) You then install DF on that virtual disk
5) you shutdown the VM and virtually remove the DF image disk
6) you boot the VM, which is now booting from the virtual hard disk
7) you don't get the "installer" prompt anymore, you get the normal menu
and then then "login: " prompt


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