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Wed Mar 19 16:33:18 PDT 2014

That's for the GUI images.  We didn't make any for the 3.6 release, because
the setup script from that is suffering from some neglect, and it's better
to not have a sortof-kindof GUI release.  I fixed the page to show that.

If you install it to disk, even a VM, you can add xorg and various X
programs using pkg.

(you may need to do this just cause it's been a while since 3.6 came out)
# cd /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/
# mv df-releases.conf.sample df-releases.conf
# pkg upgrade

Then here's a way to get to X

pkg install xorg
pkg install kde4 (or gnome; I haven't done this part)

You might have to do some fiddling to match your video chipset, depending
on what it is.  We don't make DragonFly easy, but we do make it neat.

On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 4:57 PM, Ludo Beckers <lazylew at> wrote:

> I downloaded
> dfly-x86_64-3.6.1_REL.iso
> from
> where I read:
> can login as root and start a GUI with *startx*.
> I could log in as root, but with startx I got the message Command not
> found.
> Is there another way to get to the GUI?
> I'm not ready to install, just want to try DragonFly with the live-cd for
> now.
> Ludo
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